Quintessential Duo Innocent Ike and Segun Opeke Taking Polaris Bank to Next Level


From every indication, Polaris Bank is set to light the torch of banking this year (2021) with the seamless collaboration of its MD/CEO, Innocent Ike, and the brilliant Segun Opeke in the chair of an Executive Director. Individually, Ike and Opeke are banking powerhouses. Together, they are like a nuclear giant able to stretch out its hand and pluck the stars to decorate Polaris Bank.

Six months-plus and counting, the decision to have Innocent Ike take over from the former Polaris MD/CEO, Tokunbo Abiru, is evidently the best decision possible. Originally, filling out the managerial shoes of Abiru was expected to take some time, but now that Ike is seated with sleeves folded, it is obvious that he had been underestimated.

With Ike, Polaris has gotten double for all its troubles. With Ike and Opeke, the yield in productivity and prospects is in the tens. The magical duo is not taking things as ‘business as usual’ since complacency has never been an option for them. Thus, reaching the apex of banking and corporate hegemony in Nigeria and Africa is only a matter of time. Their teamwork guarantees it, and so do their qualifications.

Before this new appointment, Ike was the Executive Director, Technology and Services, and simultaneously oversaw the South-South/South East Directorate of Polaris Bank. In these capabilities, Ike employed his over 30 years of banking experience in marching Polaris forward. His contributions in this light are especially noteworthy because of how he integrated digital and technological innovations into the framework of administration and banking services.

Opeke, on the other hand, is one of the most accomplished bankers under the Polaris banner, which explains how he was able to take over and successfully manage the portfolios of three of the four Polaris executive directors who left the bank in February 2017.

That is what you get from a 26-year banking career, with more than 15 years spent manning senior and executive management posts. Overall, the new Polaris Bank is looking like a gold mine, thanks to the alliance of Innocent Ike and Segun Opeke.