The coronavirus pandemic that led to the restriction of movement and total lockdown have forced many businesses to look for means to survive. While some have actually bounced back full time, many are still struggling to come to terms with the losses they incurred due to COVID-19.

Regardless, these businesses have to look for a way to grow their portfolio, boost sales and earn returns on investment. They cannot be stuck in 2020. This is 2021 and vaccines have been developed to combat coronavirus and of course the lockdown has been eased. Hence, there is no excuse for not growing your business.

You might be good at writing or you might suck at it (we’ll show you a trick on how to get it done anyway even if you hate writing). As long as your blog post speaks to your relevant audience and contains the right message, then you will likely see success. Plus, you’ll learn some of the cool tricks you can use to get consistent traffic to your blog.

1. Invest in Profitable Ventures

Compound interest is everyone’s friend. Most people prefer not to invest in stock market or real estate out of fear. However investing in this ventures is not as hard as you think and if you start while you are young, you will gain a lot of experiences and you can make the compound interest work in your favor and watch your money grow to a good amount over the years.

2. Start An Online Freelancing Job.

Do you want to regain the cost of your internet connection? Try to fit in different online freelancing job during your spare time so as to earn money in your spare time. You could apply as a freelance writer, blogger, social media manager, web designing and so on.
3. Build up a daily schedule

Straightforward methods like awakening and beginning work simultaneously consistently can help you kick start your productivity. You would then be able to more readily recognize the hours of day you are more productive and dispense assignments as needs be.
Communicate your schedule to your team so they have a reasonable comprehension of when you are free so you are not continually hindered while attending to different issue.

4. Set objectives

Separate your assignments into sensible units. You should have the option to recognize your long-term goals and make an interpretation of that into more quick noteworthy assignments. Set up a day by day responsibility that is in accordance with arriving at your objectives toward the week’s end. This permits you to evaluate your advancement on different occasions and make changes as needs be. You can also go in forex trading and investment with good metatrader 5 brokers like forextime.

5. Employ the right people

Fact: You cannot run your business on your own. You have to employ the right people to run it. If you really want to grow, your employees must have a sense of ownership and of course must be willing to go the extra-mile. Ultimately, they must be digitally minded to make sure they are in sync with the dynamic world of technology.

6. Partnership

Partnerships can also help your business grow. You cannot have all the technology even if you digitise. There is a limit. Where you are lacking, you should consider partnering with a company whose economy of scale is higher in that regard. Before you know it, you are growing.

If you’ve followed the above steps you’ll be ready to raise some outside money (or more money) to maintain cash flow and fuel getting to the next level. Above we listed some businesses that you can start up in Nigeria and involves low Capital, taking for Instance Forex Trading, you can get into it with as low as $100 with ForexTime as your broker, and you can choose to invest or just head to the Educational aspect and learn how to trade forex profitably.