Cycology Club Inaugurates Amazon Ride


Funmi Ogundare

As part of activities to commemorate the IWD, Cycology Riding Club launched the ‘Cycology Amazon Ride’, an all-female cycling group aimed at promoting healthy lifestyle among women, as well as changing the narratives against gender bias and inequality in a male dominated sport.

A lawyer and Secretary of the Club, Mrs. Temitope George, told THISDAY that since 2011, through its social impact initiative, it has been providing bicycles for girls in rural areas, as a means of transportation to get to school, rather than working long distances.

“One of our objectives is promoting healthy living through cycling and creating social impact, so CSR is what we do as a club. One of our CSR initiative is ‘Ride to School’, where we actually provide bicycles for girls who had to work long distances to get to school in rural areas, ” she said, adding that as a group, the club is out to showcase the women who are already changing the narratives in a man’s world.

“A lot of women who came out today, are successful women, industry leaders and senior civil servants changing the narrative, but I feel that a lot more can be done and part of what we are doing today, is to let people who are seeing us, say that if these women can do it, they can do it too.”

George said by empowering the girl-child you are empowering the nation as they have the capability to replicate things to achieve what they want.

The first female captain of the club, Mrs. Bimpe Olufemi stressed the need for girls to get involved in sports at a young age because mobility is very important.

“You must live a healthy lifestyle in terms of the food that you eat or what you are doing. You need to keep fit. We all know that the mortality age for men and women is very low because they lived a sedentary lifestyle for many years. So the sooner we start getting our girls in some sort of sports, the better.”

She expressed concern about the patriarchal society we live in saying that with the right type of education, the girl-child should be given equal opportunities like their male counterparts, so that the society can be better for it.