Why You Need Ambassadors to Push Your Brands Osayi, Mudiz Hair Boss, Explains


Brands marketing is such that requires a lot of strategies, especially now that e-commerce is thriving well. To create visibility for what you sell, especially products, you need influencers to build a clientele base for you.

These were the words of Mrs Faith Osayi, the Chief Executive Officer of Mudiz Hair, who encouraged people in business to look for series of ways to optimise their business in this digital era.

According to her, her hair business is thriving, yet, she said, the brand is targeting more ambassadors to get it global so it becomes more visible to their target audience.

“We had signed James Brown as our Ambassador, and so far, we have not been disappointed. The signing is yielding better profits than we expected,” Osayi said.

“After we signed James Brown to promote our brand, we have considered to also sign top rated Artists to push Mudiz hair. Our products are well sophisticated and commendations from our clients have been top notched.

“Although, other artists have approached us to sign them too, we are not in a hurry to have ambassadors. We need people who command a strong presence both online and offline, that can push our brand.

“James Brown was able to pull our brand far, because of his cross dressing presence. People became interested in what he was doing.

“It is just like Mudiz Hair signing any other top influencer for promotional, that could go a long way. We are a profit oriented company, and we are exploring the Nigerian market for a higher patronage which we are getting,” the CEO stated.