We found ourselves oppressed in a dangerous darkness of silence, moving into the invisible cloudy road that leads to an unknown destination. We caught the glimpse of a foggy country road, submerged with challenges in the race of excellence.

The sound of the wind kept us connected and shelter us in the train of peace, which took off from the station and finding his way to an unknown destination. History moves around at tremendous speed, as memories are sprouting from a leaving story. When hope becomes our everyday mantra, we got tired because nothing is changing, but getting worse. The country road we dive into without navigation is leading us to a destination that history could not thought about it nor appreciate it. This has been a nightmare, a scary nightmare under the visions of those that have the ability to wake up the nightmare. If those that are responsible to bring change could not devour and provide a peaceful atmosphere to the citizens, how can they rule? The society and nature are angry with us, because we could not afford to give them what they need.

Our environment changes from what we then know or heard of, but yet there was something deeper than those changes that frightened us. Without it, all what we do or could be done will become like a dead seedlings sowed into the soil for some periods, but those seedlings will not germinate because it lacks some vital features that leads to its death. This kind of seed cannot be grown nor harvested. It is hard to say exactly how we lost peace in our country, something the mind could not thought about or the eyes visualize. This was the beginning of our burning time, when we lost peace. It was a season of dreadful speculations, crime becoming real, consequences of sin were visible everywhere, in every fight, robbery, school children abducted, suicide bombers, farmers slaughtered, kidnapping, banditry, and all forms of criminal act. This has been our foggy country road, leading to unknown destination. There is a vast amount of confusion, we don’t know when we left the good country road.

Isah Aliyu Chiroma, aliyuisahchiroma29@gmail.com