Akinwunmi Ambode

As I watch my daddy come out of the car in that stadium, complete with a face mask, I start to ask myself why he dey take all this risk because of a bridge. The police oga was there sef, me too I tire. Oga had just come fresh from shutting down Cubana – those ones sef really get problem – straight to the stadium with thousands, all with no covid compliance but had all come out to look at the bridge. Daddy made many statements but one struck.

He was quoted to have said that Ambode was a problem. My words. You see a lot has been said about this matter and Nigerians on social media took daddy to the cleaners, and as such, despite all the pressure, I will really not want to join words.

The only thing I will say at this point is that truly Ambode is a problem. Not anyhow problem but the kind of problem you get like a boil in your anus. So the best thing is just to leave it o before it will turn into another thing. My friend in secondary school busted the boil on his nose and got his face disfigured. Na so this Ambode thing want to be. Shebi, the master plan has been restored, the ‘people’ have spoken and he has been kicked to the dusty roads of Epe? So let him be.

Let’s us move forward. Let us rebuild Lagos. Lagos needs to fulfil its full potential and I am happy that his successor is really doing his best to make things happen in the state. Let’s leave Ambode alone, the man has suffered enough. He only wanted to serve and ‘the people’ say he has served enough. OK na. Please let him be. It’s OK. Thank you.