I will not say much. I have met the gentleman and I must say I like him so this is not about him but the needless debate that is going on around whatever funds are being repatriated. So I hear the federal government want to use the money to build Lagos-Ibadan road and other such roads, while the Delta people who I hear initially had said no funds were missing now want the money. The thing remind me of my former oga when we had problem with EFCC.

He come write statement that he does not know me and that he was about to sack me before the matter reach EFCC but come for back write another letter say the N50 million wey dey come as a result of the transaction is his company’s money. Even the EFCC people laugh when they see the two letters.

But this is different. There is a source account that the money left in the first place, and whether the people of Delta denied knowledge of the transaction or not, the money must be returned to that source account. It’s just common sense. All this debate is just distraction abeg. Let’s face better things, thank you.