You see the thing with Nigerian fight is what just happen now. We don’t fight with principles. We just fight anywhere bele face and after some time, we will now reconcile and look for new people to fight. This used to put us the followers in a tough situation. The day I saw the two gorimapa of Obaseki and Oshiomhole greeting themselves in church, I almost piss for my pants.

See Obaseki ooo, that we all supported and started to abuse Oshiomhole now now he don go settle. Which kind leader be this na? So we that have been abusing Oshiomhole say his head is big and he no go school and say na tailor for Kaduna what would we now do? This is a problem. A leader that cannot even keep fight or malice for at least one year is not a good leader o. kai, I regret.

If I been know that Obaseki will go and beg so early, I for mind my business o. Or wetin concern Akwa Ibom man with Edo politics? After all, the only thing that link me with them, my baby from Fugar don go marry another man from Auchi, dem Oris side. Please let me warn the following: Wike and Amaechi, Okorocha and Uzodinma, Ikpeazu and Adeyemi, if you know you want to fight cockroach fight, let me know so that I respect myself and ignore but if you know you are ready for the roforofo complete with pulling each other’s d…k let’s go there. Please daddy Oshiomhole, kindly send your address let me also send a detailed letter of apology for my transgressions. I did not know. Kai.