Tonia Nweke Speaks on Sex-for-Script


Nollywood actress, Nweke Anwulika Tonia and CEO of three thriving businesses – PT Cosmetics, T Kitchen and Frames by PT, is not one of the desperate Nollywood actresses who would slide into the bed of any movie director or producer for movie roles of any sort. The sultry serial entrepreneur, who recently had an encounter with a movie producer in Asaba, where she went for a movie shoot, shared the debilitating experience in an exclusive chat: “I’m not ready to sleep with any producer or director for a script. I was recently in Asaba for a movie shoot, but I had to come back to Lagos because the foolish producer was demanding for sex. I felt bad and surprised.”

However, she showered accolades on Nollywood for the landslides the industry has been recording: “I think Nollywood is doing well, they are doing what they really have to do and I respect each and every one of them.”

On why she ventured into the make-believe world, she said: I just want people to see that I can do that as well, in addition to my other endeavours. I acted when I was in secondary school and also in teen’s church, during drama shows.”

Tonia who craves participation in the next edition of Big Brother Naija revealed her knack for the popular reality TV show as she shared her thoughts on the impacts the show has had on Nigerian youths. “If I have the opportunity, I want to participate in the next edition because I like the ideal of the show. Participating in the show will bring more opportunities for my businesses. Yes, it has brought a very good impact and opportunities; via endorsements and all.”