Beat the Beats to Stardom


Beat D Beatz, an innovative online music competition for up and coming talents in the music industry has been launched by record label owner Nelson Jack in partnership with multiple-award winning music producer, Masterkraft. It promises to be exciting as it supports and help the next generation of the Nigerian music industry by exposing them easily on the ‘Beatdbeatz’ platform.

Supported by four other top Nigerian producers, including Rexxie, Youngjonn, Ozedikus and Benie Macauley, it takes just the budding talent to log on to the website WWW.BEATDBEATZ.COM, download a beat from any of these top 5 music producers, make a music then upload it to the website with a generated given code and use that as a chance to win $50,000 total price money.

The moment the talent hits the platform he/she automatically tend to become a star almost immediately. According Nelson Jack, “Beatdbeatz is a talent discovery platform for upcoming artistes who don’t have you know the platform to make it to be the next Davido, Naira Marly, Wizkid or Burna Boy. So we came up with the concept and the idea to help upcoming artiste.

“As a record label owner, I mean I get a lot of messages you know saying we should help them, we should listen to their music, we should do all sorts. And then I spoke to Masterkraft about it and Masterkraft has the same problem. I spoke to Rexxy about it and Rexxy has the same problem. I mean these guys don’t have an avenue or an opportunity to work with the best producers.

“I spoke to Oezedikos about it and he has the same problem. I spoke to Benny Macauley and he has the same problem; same thing with Youngjohn. So we now came together to say ‘look we are going to use unity to sell Beatdbeatz platform’. So what we did is we got one beat from every producer. We built a website around it which gives a chance of winning $50,000 after the 90 day period of the first part of the competition.

“Then you now move from our top 50 to quarter finals to semifinals and the grand finale. And then we award whoever wins that competition $50,000. That’s N24, 000.000 (twenty four million naira in Nigeria money today). . . People have talent we are giving them a platform to bring out their talent and then we now came in conjunction with Platform Capital. Platform Capital now bought into our idea.””

Speaking on his involvement, Masterktaft said: “I think for me personally one of the things that made me hop on this opportunity was the fact that I was hoping for an avenue where we can… like influence the music industry generally. So at the end of the day like I feel it’s a whole chain for the music industry. Because again the thing is not just about doing talent show because you want to discover talent.

“But because like I said one of the reasons I partnered with Nelson Jack is the fact that the condition actually covers both musicality and performance. So it’s not like somebody somewhere comes for an audition and just sing one thing and goes like that, no. Now I feel like it’s tougher and if we happen to come up with winners from the competition you can be very sure that it’s going to be credible musicians. Not just people wey just dey sing anyhow them like.”

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