Expert Endorses TEXEM’s Programme for Africans


Andrew Chambers, the world’s first Professor of Internal Audit and Former Dean of Cass Business School, has endorsed the forthcoming virtual programme on survival strategies for Nigerian and African leaders during the COVID-19 era organised by TEXEM UK.

Chambers, a key faculty for the programme: “Risk Management & Effective Leadership for Superlative Performance During Turbulent Times,” was quoted to have made the remarks in a statement issued by Caroline Lucas, Director of Special Projects at TEXEM, on the coming executive development programme slated for March 10th and 11th, 2021, while sharing insights into how to succeed in such turbulent times.

On why leaders should attend the programme, he said that given TEXEM’s impressive pedigree of consistently helping organisations to thrive and the world-renowned faculties expected, it is a programme that no executive should miss.

Faculties who would be delivering the programme include Mike Wilkins, Managing Director S&P Global Ratings and Prof. Randall Peterson of London Business School.

Others are Ambassador Peter Collecott and Ambassador Richard Gozney, the Lieutenant Governor of Isle of Man and Former British High Commissioner to Nigeria and Ambassador Peter Collecott, Chair Ambassador Partnerships.

Chambers said the topics that will be covered are relevant and essential for the success of leaders and organisations.

“This TEXEM, UK programme on Risk Management & Effective Leadership for Superlative Performance during Turbulent Times, promises to offer valuable insights on how to unlock scarce value in an era where there are few,” he said.

TEXEM, UK, which has trained over 4,000 executives in the UK and Africa in the past 11 years, is founded by Dr. Alim Abubakre, a British-based entrepreneur from Nigeria.

“Through this executive development programme, leaders would enhance their social capital by networking and steepening their learning curve by challenging assumptions.

“Notably, in times of volatility, stiff competition, and slow economic growth, it is easy to get so engrossed in the daily struggle to survive that one forgets to be strategic and focus on optimising performance.

“This TEXEM, UK programme would help participants to learn how to achieve this and more,” the former Advisor to the British House of Lords explained.

According to Chambers, a company must integrate culture, risk and strategy to succeed while the mission, promise, values and ethics of an organisation must also be integrated with these.

He said it was not just COVID-19 which posed challenges, but the pace of technological change was just as challenging.

Chambers said leaders might not be able to identify the particular future happenings which would become opportunities or threats.

“Still, we should certainly try our best to define possible future scenarios caused by whatever opportunities or threats that may occur.

“And then satisfy ourselves that we could exploit those opportunities or mitigate those threats should they occur for whatever cause.

“And we may be able to engineer that the opportunities do occur and the threats are avoided,” he said.

Participants of this programme will learn how to enhance Strategic Leadership impact on self, team and organisation and optimise self, team, and organisational performance. Also, participants would glean how to identify and harness opportunities inherent in a risky operating context and how to reduce losses due to the financial impact on organisational resources during a crisis.