COVID-19 Vaccine: Choose Life!


No one has stood in the way of vaccination against Covid-19 than some religious leaders, whose campaigns had dissuaded many people from the inoculation. But when the news came that Saudi Arabia has made vaccination compulsory for pilgrims, the joke suddenly took a 360 degrees turn against them and this applies to many others in different respects.

Even if the argument is only that with the vaccine, severity of a Covid-19 is lessened and the case of death ruled out, then, it is worth trying. Truth is that many of those who had died from the virus would have elected to take the jab and also bought it at any cost if available in their hour of helplessness. But they missed out on it.

That you are around to see the vaccines come alive is a privilege that many have refused to consider as such. There’s nothing ungodly or religiously counterproductive about the vaccines. It is just an idea that has come to save the world from the menacing Covid-19 and give hope. Taking the vaccine, therefore, means choosing life and that’s the route every living of eligible age should ply.