When Rochas Okorocha Met His Match

Rochas Okorocha

You know to protect yourself as a main busybody, you go around the issues, have fun, and move away. So for this story, I will not involve myself with the details. Whether the man used public funds to acquire all those properties that the Imo State Government has been publishing or not is not my business. I don’t even think the list is exhaustive because I no see any statue on the list. Anyways, my own is to use the video that I have seen to yab the great Owelle.

Please, if you have not seen the video, go and find it and watch the great demystification of the great man who goes around with a towel around his neck. The whole thing started from ‘who are you’ uttered with the boldness and entitlement of a lord who has supervised the continuous penury of his people as a governor straight to a meek and conquered black someborri inside a Hilux truck. Laugh almost kill me. You know in Nigeria the first point of aggression is when you bark complete with spittle at an adversary, “Who do you think you are? Do you know who I am?” The recipient is expected to cringe and scuttle away. But this person, I don’t know who he is, gave back as good as he got.

He shouted back at Owelle, ‘who do you think you are’, and added for weight, ‘go and get the Hilux’ then another one shouted, nobody is above the law. By this time, Owelle would have realized that his dibia had sold to him fake corona drug. The lady with him, I think they say his wife, just use style back down by that time the Owelle had been humbled.

He started walking like he had a small boil in his bottom and finally he saw himself at the back of the truck like a man they had just caught with his housemaid. The last clip I saw was the great statue builder of Africa seated on a bench in front of the station looking forlorn and most likely asking himself wetin bring am come here.

I hear he was released and then he made the statement that he doesn’t think the governor will win this war and that he should not take his peaceful mien for granted. That he was lethal. By this time, I was rolling on the floor farting and shouting. Why didn’t he show his power in the station na, make we really see just how lethal he is? I like the demystification of the Owelle, and I must say at this point I stand with whatever force that will work with the people to reclaim their legacy. If this list of properties we are seeing is true and not just another part of politics being played by the incumbent, then the chicken of Imo really has a lot of questions to answer. Let’s do this.