James Watts: Challenges Faced in Starting a Company at a Young Age


History shows that much of the wealthiest people in the world or billionaires are self-made. Most of the successful people started with a minimal amount in their pocket, but somehow, they find a way to rise above everybody else. How did they achieve financial freedom? The quick answer is either they started a business, or they are into trade.

It takes a lot of courage for a teenager to drop out of college and try his luck in an entrepreneurial venture. James Watts was pretty young when he set his mind to it, and a few years later, he found himself more successful than any of the business people around him.

Tapping into what most of his generation is familiar with – Forex trading – he built his trading strategies and techniques based clearly on his personal experience-based learning. As soon as he got involved, he realized his profound connection to what he was doing for a living, which is undoubtedly the key to success and a winning mentality.

James has earned massive respect and praise for The Forex Hub initiative and is praised by his students who have been becoming trading experts. While he had to sacrifice his initial start-ups to kick-start his career in Forex trading, James never gave up his dream of success and accomplished it within five years of struggle and hard work.

He states that he dropped out of school, and then eventually dropped out of college, shortly after which he worked at Mcdonalds. In addition to this, he says that during this employment, he also had a side hustle of buying and selling car parts. Specifically, car head-lamps. After realizing that it was not a sustainable business, James moved onto the next business that was building custom car dashes. Unfortunately, that business also failed.

This soon made him realize that none of his start-ups were sustainable. Eventually, James ended up finalizing a business model that allowed him to trade money for money instead of my time. That led him to create his first educational institute called “The Forex Hub.” James came to realize that Forex trading had beginners who needed his guidance, so he had to do what was right and kick-start the company.

Thus there were many challenges that James faced especially as someone who started out so young. There surely were many fears and failures that he faced during his journey, but all these setbacks only made James stronger and taught him how to deal with tough situations. James Watts now dreams of upgrading The Forex Hub into one of the best educational providers of the world, and with such dedication, we are sure that it won’t take him long to conquer his ultimate dream.