Assassination Plot: Nwoko’s Claim, a Hoax, Says Ogbechie

A prominent son of Idumuje-Ugboko community in Aniocha North Local Government Area of Delta State, who is also the Chairman of Rainoil Ltd, Dr. Gabriel Ogbechie has described the alleged plot to assassinate Businessman-cum-politician, Prince Ned Nwoko as a Hoax
He said this in a statement made available to THISDAY.
Ogbechie referred to a recent press conference organised by Nwoko, where he alleged that a prisoner who told him of the plan to assassinate him had died mysteriously.
He added: “He (Nwoko) also accused me of being responsible for the death of the alleged prisoner/informant. I categorically state again that these allegations are completely false and a figment of Ned Nwoko’s infantile imagination.
“I have not planned nor sponsored any plot to assassinate Ned Nwoko.”
Ogbechie cited a petition to the Commissioner of Police, FCT Command, Abuja dated 12th of November 2020, wherein Nwoko had alleged that:
I was reliably informed by my wife, Regina Daniels who was also informed by one Wale Jana that the suspects who were arrested and remanded at the Kuje Correctional Center in connection with the murder case in my village are plotting to cause me harm and possibly kill me.
“From the information made available to me the evil plot is being sponsored by one Chief Gabriel Ogbechie. I came to this conclusion because according to the report sent to my wife by Wale Jana, it said an inmate in the same room with the suspects at the correctional facility who pretended to be sleeping heard them plotting to harm me.
“From what he heard, the sponsor of the planned attack owns a filling station and is in the business of Oil and Gas and hails from a community around. As far as I know, the only person who fits that description is one Chief Gabriel Ogbechie.”
Ogbechie in the statement said he had audience with the Commissioner of Police, FCT Command where the said petition was read and pointed out it was speculative with three layers of hearsay.
He added: “The moment I stepped out of the office of the FCT Police Commissioner, Ned Nwoko and his social media trolls went into frenzy that I have been arrested for plotting to assassinate Ned Nwoko.
“That was false, I was never arrested. I have it on good authority that in his bid to rub my name further in the mud, Ned Nwoko allegedly placed a frantic call to a member of staff of a popular television channel, asking him to carry the fake news of my arrest as breaking news.
“Abiding by the ethics of his profession, the gentleman refused despite being offered a blank cheque to propagate this evil on my person.”
He added: “Regardless, the FCT Police Command thoroughly investigated the case. They visited the prisons, interviewed the actors and they reached the conclusion that the petition was spurious and frivolous.
“Suddenly, the Police Force Criminal Investigation Department (FCID Abuja) asked that the case be transferred to them.
“My lawyers wrote a petition to the Inspector General of Police on the 22nd of December 2020, requesting that his office take over the case to thoroughly investigate it.
The IGP Monitoring Team invited Ned Nwoko for questioning. He was asked to produce the prisoner who told him and Regina Daniels of the plot to kill him.
“Ned Nwoko suddenly declared that the prisoner who told him/Regina Daniel of the plot is one Ossy Biose and that he was released from prison and died soon afterwards!”
Shedding more light on the cause of the dispute, Ogbechie alleged further: “Nwoko and I are from the same community, Idumuje Ugboko, Aniocha North Local Government Area, Delta State.
“Ned Nwoko desires 100 hectares of land to build a university in the community, a noble gesture by all means. The King and Ned Nwoko, who are first cousins, have differing opinion on how best to acquire the land needed for the university.
“Sometime in 2017, I had an extensive meeting with Ned Nwoko in his house in Abuja and I appealed to him to allow peace to reign in the community. I spelt out what I believed was a clear road map for him to acquire the 100 hectares of land he needs to build his university.
“Part of the 100 hectares of land belongs to the community, but most of it are owned by private individuals. The King simply requests that Nwoko follows due process; put in an application for the land, pay the token that is due to the community and gets the land.
“With regards the land that belongs to private individuals, he was advised to engage the owners of the land and take the necessary legal steps to acquire it. However, Ned Nwoko wants none of it, he believes he is above the laws of the community and is not ready to conform to simple dictates of communal living.”
While advising Nwoko to leave him out of his alleged social media antics and refrain from using his name as content, Ogbechie told Nwoko he was demanding a retraction, apology and payment of damages for the, “scurrilous statements and publications made by him and very soon, he would have his day in court.”

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