Oluwafemi Giwa: Gearing Towards Music Industry Successes with MCE Entertainment


Oluwafemi Giwa popularly known as Helpline is a South African based Music Executive and the Founder of MCE entertainment. Helpline who signed young Afrobeats artists like Enamel and Dah Richie to his record label is very concerned about the fate and future of young Nigerians who are being bullied to become voiceless in a democratic country.

He is seriously doubting if he will go on with his idea of setting up a branch of his entertainment outfit in Nigeria because of the instability and insecurity. Mr Giwa lamented that many Nigerians like him in the diaspora really wants to come home and invest but they are discouraged. Even though Helpline lives abroad but he is still in constant fear for the life of his loved ones, family and friends who currently live in Nigeria.

In his words, “Even if you run from Nigeria because of Nigerian problems, you will still be connected to Nigeria forever because of family visits and anything bad can happen during those visits or happen to your loved ones who reside there.”

The CEO of MCE Entertainment is pleading with the government to do the right thing by making sure that people’s fundamental right are protected and not abused by any of the security outfits. Helpline also spoke on the 2021 plans of his record label, he maintained that it will be a busy but fruitful year because his artists Enamel and Dahrichie has been very busy in the studio working with different producers. The audio and visuals of their upcoming projects will be released soon to the public.