Expert Shares Insights on Importance of Financial Literacy

Rebecca Ejifoma

The Managing Director PWAN Stars, Bamidele Adewole, is an experienced investment adviser, consultant and personal finance coach.

With a large amount of knowledge in financial literacy, he shares some investment strategies for additional earnings, savings and investments while harping on the need for financial literacy.

According to the financial expert, the formal educational system leaves a lot to be desired, as majority of Nigerians do not earn enough to have a surplus for savings or investment.

“If you know better, you will surely do better and the system meant to impart knowledge in people from an early age – the formal education system has not particularly lived up to expectation,” he added.

With his imposing profile, the chartered stockbroker said in his over 16 years of experience in investment advisory, investment banking, corporate finance and financial strategy and financial analysis, “I have realised that there is a long way to go in towards financial literacy for the average Nigerian.

“The formal education system has its place in societal development. So, this is not to undermine the value it brings, but it certainly has its shortcomings, many of which are typically overlooked,” adding that lack of financial education has left many Nigerians battling for survival with poor money management habits.

For Adewole, the reality is that a large portion of the problems we face as adults can be traced directly or indirectly to our individual financial situations. Many may not admit this, but personal relationships and even marriages suffer significant damage, due to one financial challenge or the other.

He explained: “The issue is not limited to the fact that these problems exist, but the reality that our school system has not effectively put in place structures aimed at educating children about personal finance matters.

“The average Nigerian is new to the concept of investing. Those who have some information about investing end up making bad investment decisions. The MMM crash of 2017 is a testament to the fact that the average Nigerian mistakes Ponzi schemes as an investment.”

While stating that almost every week more Ponzi schemes get on board in the Nigerian market and gain traction fast, he said this is so because of a general lack of information on what real investment looks like.

In his views, he blamed the school system for the lapses. “The school did not prepare people for money management or investment and that is why many Nigerians can’t spot Ponzi schemes from afar.”

The financial expert bemoaned that young Nigerians continue to struggle because they are not prepared for life and the financial commitments that come with it.

“People do not know how to raise money, start a business, invest in stocks or real estate, and it shows why many Nigerians are struggling to make ends meet once unfavorable economic conditions set.”

The investment adviser highlighted that majority of Nigerians do not have a saving plan and they do not have any asset to fall back on in case of financial crises.

He added: “People go from paycheck to paycheck; many get into trouble with any health crisis or emergency. We can’t improve the quality of our lives without improving the quality of our financial education.

“Majority of the scripts we learn from our parents growing up can’t help us create the sort of life we desire. You have to unlearn and relearn a lot of things to thrive in this economy.”

In his journey as an investment adviser, real estate developer and financial analyst, Adewole helps upwardly mobile Nigerians put together an investment portfolio capable of achieving their financial goals and objectives. He has helped young Nigerians make wise investment decisions for attaining financial freedom.

“I strongly believe that we need to close the gap between the average Nigerian and financial literacy. Even though the educational system may not have equipped us for this, we can’t continue feeling like a victim,” he suggested.

It was to give the average person an uncommon advantage in the world of investment and financial management that the expert wrote, “The Smart Investor’s Guidebook- Investment Strategies That School Never Taught You”.

“Imagine if you know how to get started investing your income for an impressive return on investment. Think about how the quality of life will improve when you develop empowering money habits and begin to grow your income.

You can get a copy of the book and have it delivered to you by going to

Adewole is actively on social media with @Iambamidee on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. He is a fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria (ICAN) chartered tax practitioner and chartered securities and investment analyst (UK).

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