Man with Midas Touch: Olalekan Adebiyi’s Great Exploits as Construction Giant

For Olalekan Adebiyi, the Nigerian construction industry is his playground, backyard, and workstation. The man is one of the few who are qualified to call themselves professional contractors in the industry. With so many persisting construction works bearing his name and the name of his company, LaraLek, it is no wonder that Lekan Adebiyi has been designated by many as Nigeria’s biggest indigenous contractor. The man is not just building blocks, roads and bridges, but a lasting legacy as an innovative builder and contractor.

LaraLek Ultimate Constructions is the brainchild of Lekan Adebiyi. The company’s engineering footprints are all over Lagos: Church Road, Agbelekale; Giwa Street and Aboru-Abesan Link Road in Agbado Oke-Odo LCDA; 10-lane Oshodi-Murtala Muhammed International Airport Road—with three express lanes and two-service lanes in each direction; and the seven-kilometre Ayobo-Ipaja road, in Alimosho Local Government Area of Lagos.

These contracts contribute to Adebiyi’s reputation as Nigeria’s biggest indigenous contractor. However, it is the man’s personality and pursuits that keep him at the top of the construction contracting food chain. Folks find it hard to believe that Adebiyi does not have any university training in construction, engineering or architecture. The same people find it inconceivable that Lekan Adebiyi holds the highest honour in engineering for those who did not study engineering.

According to the Nigerian Society of Engineers (NSE), Adebiyi’s approach to construction is innate, innovative, and something to emulate. Furthermore, Lekan Adebiyi is renowned for his emphasis on endurance (i.e., long-lasting construction), excellence (beauty, especially) and economy (of space and cost). These are the substructures underlying LaraLek’s fierce reputation. For all these and more, Lekan Adebiyi has built an empire in the construction business. His network of associates is widespread and very deep.

This is why LaraLek can go toe to toe against foreign contractors and win.
As he continues to take the same approach to life and business, Lekan Adebiyi is likely to push LaraLek onto deeper waters: the construction sector in Africa, and hopefully on global frontiers. Currently, Lekan Adebiyi and his LaraLek almost entirely decide Nigeria’s construction sector’s trends (in Lagos, especially).

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