My brother, let me put this one behind first. We have seen an uncanny resemblance between you and American rap star, Snoop Dogg. The resemblance is so uncanny that if not for fear of koboko, I for say make we try DNA to see who really be who. Anyways that is not why I am writing you today.

I have just read that you may have started the process of suing one ragtag online publication for N2b for pushing that you spent N2b to lobby to extend your tenor. My brother, there are some fights you should not bother about. These people are the greatest confusionists in the land, not only the weak and ineffective leadership you have served. They, in my mind’s eye, are the worst because they control the mind and the narrative.

They sow seeds of discord and disharmony with their banal lies and fortitudes. Whether you lobby or you no lobby, whether you pay or no pay is not my business. My own is the alarmist diversionary tactics of the gutter press and the inimical role they play in destroying society’s cohesion.

My brother just ignore and see off your extended three months even though me sef do not understand why them give you or if the precedence thereof will augur well for the force but that that is na between you and the person who give you the extension. Let’s concentrate on life after service. What are your plans sef? Please no open security company o, you no go get business for obvious reasons. Try come dey do theatre with me, but you will need to smile some more. You dey hardly smile, I wonder why. Anyways, calm down and leave those chickens, the market is already dealing with them by not taking them seriously.
On the Duke Summit, anybody wey post anything from them is kicked out. That is fact. So my brother, well done and stay blessed.

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