For those of you who are not very frequent on social media, Bobrisky is a multi-millionaire crossdresser with large followership. He has been variously described, amongst others, as a national disgrace by him who I will not mention his name.

His push for the alternative lifestyle including the abhorrent same-sex practices continue to tease, taunt, annoy and intrigue the larger society. But what some of us have missed is the huge marketing and commercial power this boy has unleashed. Daily millions of goods and services are being exchanged on the back of his bleached skin.

Millions are exchanged by a coterie of stakeholders who leverage on his weirdness to create wealth, jobs and opportunities for an otherwise disenfranchised youth segment. I choose to look at the commercialization of his sex life and not if he is actually bending down to be drilled by an amorous sugar daddy or zaddy as he calls them. For him to have over 12million ardent followers, then we may just be losing the fight against the alternative lifestyle.

My people truth be said in the next five years homosexuality will be commonplace in this country. Come and beat me. Go and watch what our kids are watching on social media and TV and you will see how they are powerfully zombied in the land. So Bob cashing in on this to make a bulk and raise thousands out of poverty becomes imperative. Just random thoughts though, I am open to diverse opinions on this. Private chat me let’s engage. Thank you.

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