Ex Big Brother House Mate, Lilo Aderogba opens Cafe 23

Last weekend, Lilo Aderogba open the doors of her new spot, Cafe 23 to the public having in attendance family, ex house mates, celebrities and a lot more. Coincidentally the day of the opening was also her birthday which in turn was a double celebration for her. One of Lilo’s objectives in life is to see that people become the best version of themselves and Café 23 serves that purpose as they serve primarily healthy foods.

Speaking about starting the new business she shares, “I’m a dietitian and it has always been my dream to own my place where people have healthy stuff. Having the platform as well and I thought this is the time to do this so I made the move. Also as a dietitian I can also let you know the calories you are consuming. So it’s not just that you are eating and you won’t know what the content it is about.”

The outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic brought a lot of changes to life as we lived and saw it, especially in the aspect of fitness. The coronavirus takes its toll on the human immune system but she plans to use her new venture has a guide on a fitness journey and strengthening of the immune system against the scourge of the coronavirus.

On her other plans of the year she said, “I have got loads of plans but I’m actually someone that doesn’t like to tell people so I just go boom in your face. But you should expect a lot from me in 2021.”

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