Those ‘Concocted Tales’ about the President

LOUD WHISPERS with Joseph Edgar (09095325791)

I don’t know if it is only me that saw the various news reports. They were shouting that some people will start to yab our president calling him all sorts of names and accusing him of all sorts. The report quoted his aides that these people will start using blogs and other news outlets to call our president nepotistic, cow Fulani and all that kind thing.

They asked us to be wary o and be on the lookout for these reports. That they will be promoted by the president’s enemies and those who do not understand exactly what the president is doing for us and the sacrifices he is making so that we can all live a better life.

Please, on behalf of all of us in Shomolu let me tell Mr. President that we will not believe the stories when they come out. We will remain resolute in our belief that we are having the best of times.

The insecurity has been technically decapitated and that the economy is out of recession and that for the first time, an Akwa Ibom man would be appointed to head the army, police and NNPC. I do not know why our people are always so unappreciative and ungrateful.

Why for the life of me would they even think of believing these fables? Me, I am just looking at them, I swear Mr. Adesina and Mr. Garba that as long as I live, I will never believe any of such stories. In fact, I will not even read that kind of trash. Such stories are meant for dissidents and conspiracy theorists to be waddling in with their joblessness.

For the rest of us, we are in Eldorado and if not that we are strong constitutionalists, we would have started clamouring for a third term for our lord. Mr. President, relax, nothing dey happen. Kai, did I hear one fool just whisper, ‘guilty are afraid’? Can you imagine? Please, ignore sir. We are for you. We cannot believe. Do we really have a choice?

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