I just felt like celebrating this my guy today. In this COVID-19 era, some people are showing their true colours o. Like me, once you cough only once I will not even wait for the second one before I take my exit. I will impose travel ban on you once you have walked on the same street and possibly expose yourself. But this story touched me, it made me weep and showed me that there is still hope for this country. Francis is an investment banker who was called from church to come and assist in conveying his neighbour to hospital who had suddenly taken ill.

Francis who lives in Abuja quickly dashed home, carried the man and put in his car and drove to the first hospital. They said, ‘Don’t bring him out of the car, let’s check and see. They later said, this looks like COVID-19. Francis didn’t hear, he was just interested in saving his friend’s life. They said, no bed that he should try Gwagwalada, na for Abuja o. He ran there, they reconfirmed say na COVID-19 and still no bed. They say rush him to National Hospital or Isolation Centre. Same story. At the final place, he now pretended to be a big man from Aso Rock speaking authoritatively and all and bed suddenly appeared effectively ending at midnight a crazed journey that started 7pm.

So, for all of those hours, Francis had logged on his shoulders a dying man with COVID-19 not caring about the risk to his health, his family and the rest simply egged on by the need to save this person’s life. It was after it all, he went home to announce to his family and that of the sick man that it was covid. The man’s family all tested positive but miraculously, Francis and his household tested negative. God was at work. The man did not die though he is still in the hospital and we believe that the God that started this will perfect it. I want us to stand up wherever we are as you read this and stretch a hand of fellowship to FRANCIS ILENIKHENA, he is a true Nigerian. Well done, bro.

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