Since Nigerians discovered that with agbo and ginger, they can beat COVID-19, they have moved on to more deadly pandemic. Now it is DNA. The way people are failing this test, it is making the COVID-19 one begin to look like child’s play. The Delta State judge came and said that his first three children are not his.

That his first wife had opened her legs to strangers or (God forbid) to the whole Council of Elders in their village. Since then, we have been hearing all sorts of stories. In fact, I have learnt from authoritative sources in the medical community that 50 percent of firstborns will not pass DNA in Nigeria. I be firstborn o. I dey look my late papa picture since morning.

Another angle is that of my friend Cecy who says that during the civil war, that women had to sleep around to feed their families, save their husbands’ lives and the rest. She continued that even till today, in the villages nobody cares who owns the child since things are happening in the bushes. If our Nigerian women continue like this, I may be forced to ask the UN to label them a terrorist group. Me I don’t really mind adultery as long as no be Duchess, any other person can do it but the wahala is giving another man another man’s child. That is so sad. That is why I have advised all of my friends to not ask.

No do the test. Let your ignorance be bliss. Your child is your child even though he resemble your maiguard or the meat seller for Oyingbo market. Let God be the judge as for you, just be the father to your children. All of them. You see, when the foreign porn site announced that Nigerian women were their highest customers, they were protesting, shey you see say science no dey lie. Kai.