Covid-19 and Governor Yahaya Bello’s False Assertions

While Governor Sanwo-Olu of Lagos State was doing his best to curtail the spread of Covid-19 in Lagos, and is possibly one of the most proactive Governors in the country with regard to devising an effective treatment regime for Covid-19 in his State, and remains so to date; Governor Yahaya Bello of Kogi State, on the other hand, in March 2020, publicly stated something to the effect that the noise about Covid-19 was simply a hype, as the virus was nothing more than the common cold! Over 5000 Nigerians had already been exposed to the virus at the time Governor Bello made that brainless statement (a sentiment which he also seemed to share with his counterpart in Cross River State, at the time).

Since then, over two million people worldwide have died as a result of this deadly virus in a period of approximately one year (thankfully, less than 2000 deaths have been recorded in Nigeria so far, though many of us have lost loved ones). And now that vaccines have been discovered, Governor Bello, who is responsible for the security and welfare of the people of Kogi State (Section 14(2)(b) of the Constitution) has rubbished the efforts of those who have burnt the midnight oil seeking a cure for this deadly killer virus, and finally come up with vaccines which offer protection against same, by showcasing his ignorance and publicly and falsely claiming that the vacancies are meant to kill people!

How did someone so thoughtless become the Governor of a State, in charge of millions of people? Last week, I saw on social media that some group had endorsed Governor Bello for President in 2023! Tragicomedy. Anyway, I hope they will be alive in 2023, if they have not been ravaged by Covid-19 by then, especially if they share the same idiotic sentiments that Covid-19 and the vaccines are a hoax like their Principal, Governor Bello. I fear that if the leadership of Nigeria continues to remain in the hands of such clueless people, we will never progress as a country.

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