Nutritionists Harp on Health Benefits of Capri-Sun

In an effort to reinforce its leadership in the fruit drink segment for children, Capri-Sun launched a national consumer awareness campaign to reiterate its all-natural ingredient recipe as a healthier option that supports the long term growth and development of children.

Leading on from this, a few health nutritionists have lent expert opinions on the nutritional benefits of Capri-Sun Fruit Drink. They emphasized the importance of Capri-Sun’s ‘Clean Recipe’ that ensures the use of only premium natural ingredients extracted from the best of fruits, thereby guaranteeing optimal retention of fruit contents as superior to chemically manufactured fruit drinks lacking in nutritional value.

Kemi Lawal, a Dietitian and Nutritionist with Hopewell Nutrition, stated that in the case of fruit drinks, using natural ingredients means that most nutrients from its original state will be present in the product.

“As nutritionists, we always recommend the consumption of food and drinks made with all-natural ingredients because of its numerous health benefits. Capri-Sun falls into this category for kids with its unique processing that ensures no artificial colours, no artificial sweeteners, flavours and preservatives,” she noted.

For Tope Brown, a Nutritionist, it is important for parents to keep a tab on what their kids consume as unwholesome fruit drinks could be detrimental to their wellbeing.

“Parents constantly tell us of their preference for fruit drinks made with all-natural ingredients for their kids. Unwholesome fruit drinks add no value and we encourage them to enable their kids develop a healthy relationship with fruit drinks made with “Clean Recipe” like Capri-Sun for their long term growth and development,” he added.

Capri-Sun offers a convenient way to hydrate with a natural taste that appeals to kids. It is made with all-natural ingredients – that means no artificial colours, no artificial sweeteners, no artificial flavours and no preservatives.

Capri-Sun is available in Orange and Apple variants and comes in 200ml and 100ml fun pouches. It can be purchased in all departmental stores, neighborhood shops, open markets and supermarkets located nationwide.

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