Trey Miles Establishes Self in The Ever-evolving World of Instagram

Never give up, no matter what, is Trey’s success mantra which has helped him scale dizzying heights of success in his professional life. Trey was born and brought up in Virginia Beach and today lists as one of the top digital entrepreneurs we have ever seen. He has redefined the social media business and has made a huge impact with his presence which has catapulted many businesses and brands to soaring heights. Let’s take a peek at how it all started. During his early days, Trey was much involved in sports having won several trophies and scholarships. Having said that he was more inclined towards entering the big world of entrepreneurship which he felt was more exciting than hitting goals on the turf.

Trey says “With the growing popularity of social media my mind was always thinking of how to capitalize this growing trend into a career. I used to have those friendly competitions with my friend Stephen to see who garners maximum followers on Instagram. What started as a hobby went on to become a profession and we decided to launch our social media agency ‘QuickJump’ in which we incorporated our digital marketing skills and put it to use in full force to benefit hordes of brands and businesses across the globe.”

Today ‘QuickJump’ is a renowned company in the field of digital space with an astounding six-seven figure value. The company helps aspiring individuals and businesses achieve their targeted audience or followers by managing their social media accounts. It closely follows the trends and advices its clients to create accurate content which directly impacts their online presence resulting in business growth in a big way. ‘QuickJump’ has helped thousands of clients gain millions of followers through their time-tested strategies. Trey along with running his digital agency, also runs a celebrity give away company through which he has worked with several renowned stars.

Owning such big responsibilities has never deterred Trey from performing his social responsibilities, which had him contribute goods worth tens of thousands of dollars to locals during the pandemic which hit the globe early this year. “I want to help and support as many as I can to my full capacity” says Trey as a parting shot.

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