New Moves of Former Fidelity Bank MD, Nnamdi Okonkwo

Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer, Fidelity Bank Plc, Mr. Nnamdi Okonkwo

What is the logical course of action for someone who has reached the apex of an industry? This is the question that comes up at the mention of former Fidelity Bank MD/CEO, Nnamdi Okonkwo. As his successor, Nneka Onyeali-Ikpe is gradually settling into her position, eyes are turning towards Okonkwo to find out whether he will take the road less travelled (and stay permanently away from the financial sector), or carve another niche for himself similar to his old job.

Last year ended the era of Nnamdi Okonkwo at Fidelity Bank, and 2021 began with Okonkwo not having to walk into his office, and pore over charts and forecasts for the new year. Regardless, old habits die hard, so there are speculations that the banking and finance expert misses his Fidelity gig, but none of that is news. The question is what is on the menu for Okonkwo: more finance and business, maybe politics? After all, Tokunbo Abiru went the way of politics, and Bisi Onasanya, further back, went the way of real estate: and both of them are doing well.

According to reports, Okonkwo has decided to remain within the corporate corridors as a financial administrator/manager. However, he is supposedly leaning towards non-executive roles and likely preparing towards establishing some form of a business brand.

Okonkwo’s footprints will not fade away anytime soon. During his tenure as Fidelity MD/CEO, he not only managed to integrate digital innovations and technology into the everyday life of a Fidelity Bank customer but also largely steered the train for modern-day convenient banking in Nigeria. This has been noted as the secret behind Fidelity Bank’s staying afloat during the COVID-19 pandemic, even making progress and joining the ranks of top Nigerian banks. All in all, the day is still very bright and clear for the 56-year-old Nnamdi Okonkwo.