Rehabilitate Kari-Misau-Gyade-Shira Road


Road infrastructure ensures easy movement of goods and services between urban and rural communities and vice-versa, thereby increasing the pace of social and economic growth especially in rural communities. Therefore, road infrastructure remains a key ingredient of development. And because it is grossly inadequate in Nigeria, the pace of development here is slow.

For decades, even when the country generated more monies than it needed from both non-oil and especially oil revenues, successive governments refused to give the needed attention as well as dedicate enough funds to infrastructure. Today, the infrastructural lacuna is so conspicuous that even the blind and the deaf can respectively see and hear it. And as if to go back to square one, in the few sectors where some infrastructure had been provided, they are now mostly in dilapidated conditions owing majorly to bad maintenance culture.

And such is the case with many roads across Nigeria. For instance, the Kari-Misau-Gyade-Shira road of Bauchi State, which from Bauchi, the capital, is the gateway to the northern zone of the pearl of tourism, is in a dilapidated condition and unless it is rehabilitated as soon as possible, the potholes will continue to claim lives and cause material damage of gigantic proportions. More so, the economic activities of majorly farming and trade in the place may soon stop, the negative consequences of which is better imagined.

The Kari-Misau-Gyade-Shira road is a part of the Kano-Kari-Maiduguri road, which links the northeast and the northwest geopolitical zones of Nigeria. Before the conception and eventual commencement of construction work of the Kano-Wudil-Gaya-Azare-Maiduguri road, it was the only major route that facilitated trade and investment activities on the Kano/Maiduguri axis and parts of some West African countries such as Niger Republic, Chad, Ghana and Cameroon.

In spite of the fact that the nearly completed Kano-Wudil-Gaya-Azare-Maiduguri road is already in use, the Kano-Kari-Maiduguri road remains quite significant to both social and economic development of Nigeria. As such, no part of it should be left in dilapidated conditions. For, what affects a part of it also affects the whole of it.

The federal government is therefore called upon to take up its responsibility by immediately rehabilitating the Kari-Misau-Gyade-Shira part of the Kano-Kari-Maiduguri road to stop the continuous loss of lives and prevent a total collapse of economic activities in the place.

Mukhtar Jarmajo, Tamsuguri, Misau