How Online Gaming Can Increase your Productivity


If you are one of the many workers forced to create a Home Office during the pandemic and lockdown, you may find that motivation and productivity are slightly lower than when you are in the office. This is because we are generally not solitary creatures. Although we may be busy at work, the fact we have other people around to talk to, listen to, and naturally interact with helps with both of these critical factors and getting work done on time. So, people are looking for new strategies to increase their productivity and many turn to online gaming from platform games to play online. There are actually quite a few reasons why online gaming has this effect on productivity so let’s take a more in-depth look.

Brain Exercising

Of course, we’re not talking about replacing your daily work with online gaming, while that might be quite nice that is not the point of the article at all! But, if you do your job regularly, it can actually become a little soul-destroying and repetitive. For many of us, we are almost on autopilot and don’t really exercise our brain. Online gaming is good because there are many different ways our brains can be stretched and exercised, which can leave us feeling more motivated. Card games, for example, can help improve our levels of concentration and enhance our memory function. Some games require us to think laterally or out of the box, some games revolve around maths and numbers, others require logic. These skills are essential for the brain, and perhaps not something we get to develop much during our daily work.

Stress Relief

Part of the function of our colleagues at work is stress relief, you may not realise it but if you get stuck, or a frustrated, having issues at home, then a colleague with a friendly ear can be just the tonic you need to work through the problem and enable you to get on with the rest of your day. If this is missing it can actually be quite hard to put down our stress, and our cortisol levels which is a stress hormone can climb ever higher. If you are preoccupied, productivity is naturally going to decrease as it’s tough to stay focused.


Ironically, focus is also another significant side effect of online gaming. Depending on the game you’re playing you will have to concentrate on different things in order to move through the levels and win first whether you are playing a solo game against the computer or teaming up with other online players it gives you some cognitive engagement similar to what you will get in the real world by interacting with other people. Certain parts of the game may require a lot more concentration in order to work through the problem, and this is a skill that can be transferred back to your daily work.


If you are used to a busy office with lots of people coming and going, it can be really isolating being at home. You may also be juggling trying to home school their children and ensuring they keep up with their work and running the house. But it is fair to say that as an adult we require something more complicated than a chat with a five-year-old about their maths problem. There are plenty of online games where teamwork and socialisation are encouraged, and this could be perfect. It can also be an anonymous forum which means people are generally more relaxed and happier to open up. Perhaps you could organise some team games after work with your colleagues who are probably missing you as much as you are missing them.

Just Relax

Finally, online games provide entertainment. No one expects you to work 24/7, you will have your set hours in the office, and then you will be off. But again, the world has become a very different place. You can’t pop to a coffee shop with a mate; you can’t go down the pub for a drink and a meal, we are pretty much restricted to living in our own house with our own family all the time. Humans need entertainment, and online gaming can be the perfect way to end your evening and let go of all the issues you may have had at work. Sometimes we just need to switch off and enjoy something mindless, and online gaming and box sets are both perfectly good ways of achieving that goal.

There are a whole host of ways to get online games, from mobile apps to online casinos, and they are available on many different forms of technology from our mobile phones to computers to iPod and even through our television. So, have a look around and see what sort of online games might suit you best.