Fit as a Fiddle: Tinubu Shuts Down Rumours of Illness


Amidst rumours that several political and billionaire Nigerian bigwigs have been infected with COVID-19, many media houses and bloggers were jittery with anticipation. Some of these had gone so far as to point the finger and name names, including All Progressives Congress (APC) chieftain, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, in the Has-Coronavirus list. Tinubu responded, doing so in sublime fashion: with a picture worth a thousand words.

Tinubu has brought the reports of his ill health to an end. This he did when he uploaded a picture showing him sit between the monarch of Ikateland, Oba Saheed Ademola Elegushi, and Lagos State Head of Service, Hakeem Muri-Okunola (HMO). Smiling alongside Elegushi and HMO, Tinubu is obviously vacationing—not languishing in a London hospital as rumours claimed.

Recall that Tinubu has been the subject of the COVID-19 malaise since top political shots fell victim to it in 2020. The buzz increased to a new decibel at the close of the year, some folks even said they had seen Tinubu receive treatment at a hospital in France. Later, the rumours adjusted the location of Tinubu’s purported confinement, that he had been moved to—or had always been in—London, still receiving treatment for COVID-19.

Although Tinubu’s family and friends did their bit to rebut the claim, the rumours only now began to subside because of the photo showing a ruddy Tinubu with Oba Elegushi and HMO. It remains a thing of conjecture as to whether the rumours will continue to taper off, or some other ‘news’ will emerge to contradict Tinubu’s evident top health condition.
In the meantime, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu is as fit as a fiddle.