Mercy Aigbe, Teni, Ufuoma Mcdermott Grace Pertinence Headquarter’s Unveiling


Pertinence Group has unveiled its corporate headquarters building in Lagos, in grand style. It had a couple of top Nigerian celebrities in attendance to celebrate its stakeholders and also to kick start the New Year. The event, which took place on December 20, started with a red carpet hosted by TV personality, Kie Kie. Celebrities such as Mercy Aigbe, Teni, Humblesmith, Bimbo Akintola, Yvonne Jegede, Ufuoma Mcdermott and Lizzy Jay were present. There was special appearances from social media personalities like Officer Woos, Asiri Comedy, Pamilerin, and others. The celebrities commended Pertinence Group for providing affordable homes to a lot of Nigerians and also empowering Nigerian youths with employment.

Mcdermott said: “With Nigeria, we all understand the effort everyone has put individually because if you are waiting for the government to do anything for you, you might be waiting for a long time. I think everyone in the real estate space has taken up a personal goal to ensure that every Nigerian owns a home. So they are trying to make land and housing affordable; to make every Nigerian have a piece of the earth. I know that there are not too many things put together by the government to support Nigerians. Honestly, I will like to give kudos to everybody doing this whether luxury or affordable homes for everyone. Welldone.”

The CO-founder of Pertinence Group, Sunday Olorunsheyi said: “Pertinence Group started about nine years ago with two young hungry men. We weren’t just hungry for food, we were hungry for success; we were hungry for change. Calling this place the center of innovation is simply because over the years we have seen the transformation, we have created things here. We have birthed things here. All we have done so far is just the tip. We still have a long way to go. We are using this to remind our team that we are just starting.

“Innovation is just beginning right now, whatever we see in time past. We want to dwarf it by the virtue of result that we begin to generate from now. All thanks to God for what we have seen so far but I think we have yet more land to possess as an organization. Our mission is enterprise development and people’s empowerment which we are so focused on. We aren’t in a competition with any other brand. We are only in competition with our vision which is to create more businesses in other to empower people.”

Teniola, Humblesmith and DJ Big N rounded the day off with impressive performances to mark the beginning of holiday for the members of staff who were happy to be ending the year on a high despite the challenges of COVID 19.

Pertinence Group helps everyone to build and multiply wealth with real estate. The Pertinence Group was founded nine Years ago by two serial entrepreneurs, Sunday Olorunsheyi and Wisdom Ezekiel.