‘COVID-19 is Real, Should be Given Serious Attention’

A beauty expert, Folashade Omotoyinbo Bosede, has advised Nigerians to pay close attention to the ravaging wave of the COVID 19 pandemic.

Folashade said, the second wave of COVID-19 is a serious health challenge, as the world battles the deadly virus causing a huge loss to both human and material resources.

“Millions of people are already killed by the virus globally as Nigeria takes no exception. It has also caused the folding up of many businesses worldwide putting pressure on personal and national finances.

“It is a very challenging period in global history, that a virus which broke out from the tiny community of Wuhan in China has now affected people in almost all the nations of the world.

“We need to take caution and respect all the protocols set to avoid its spread, as COVID-19 is not a respecter of any person, as government officials, top business men and individuals have fallen victim to it,” Folashade said.

She admonished Nigerians to take preventive measures, wear nose mask, and adhere to all COVID-19 protocol in halting the spread of the virus, adding that, “this is a virus that has killed millions of people in the world, and the safest way is to avoid crowded places.”

She advised that: “We can curtail the spread, if we observe all needed protocols. Health reports says, the second wave of the virus is deadlier than the first.

“Let the well meaning Nigerians also support the government’s efforts in the giving of assistance and palliatives to the less-privileged Nigerians, as I equally did same during the first COVID-19 wave, when I provided 5,000 free hand sanitizer for people. Others too can also do same.

“We should take our lives seriously, as each person is responsible for his health. Let us sensitize ourselves and others in rural communities, on the dangers of the pandemic,” Folashade said.

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