Strengthening Retirement Plan


Raheem Akingbolu writes on an initiative being promoted by Investment One Pensions and how it can positively impact retirement plans

One major question that often provokes an average middle-aged employee is when is the right time to start planning for future cash flows? When is it better to determine setting aside an appreciable portion of one’s active income years? Perhaps the time is now. Then the next question will be; what determines the very best way to ensure safe, secure, convenient; importantly peaceful and fun retirement?

Obviously, planning for sustainable future cash flow which includes identifying income sources, estimating expenses, adopting and implementing a savings initiative, whilst managing assets and the risks therein are the affirmations to the above inquisitions.

It was Danielle Duckery, global acclaimed author, who made a good case for fun and peaceful retirement “Stay young at heart, kind in spirit, and enjoy retirement living.” She said. Just as the popular saying “Age is just a number, but retirement is one of the greatest gifts to mankind.”

Interestingly, the need for all present active working age class to consider retiring well regardless of global economic headwind with a well-thought out pension fund scheme, and from a credible pension fund manager, has inspired the ‘#TimeTo60’ retirement offering powered by InvestmentOne Pension Managers Limited; a licensed pension fund administrator (PFA), and subsidiary of the InvestmentOne Financial Service Limited.

Launched in October 2020, #TimeTo60 is conceived to cater to the retirement demands of corporate and private institution as well as public sector workforce.

It is structured to mitigate the retirement needs for the psychographics of the following working age distribution – young adulthood (ages 21-35); early midlife (ages 36-50); later midlife (ages 50-65), and up to the golden mean ages of 66 and above.

You may want to ask, just when is the best time to begin to plan for retirement? Good question.

The answer is simple. There is no better time than right now because, long-term planning consolidates your dream of retiring well. You are never too young to start planning for convenient life after your active years.

The answer above is further buttressed by the popular old Chinese proverb, “The best time to plant a bamboo tree was twenty years ago, the second best time is now.” This thoughtful quote only shows two things; that life gives everyone a second chance to prove, improve and prepare themselves, contextually in retirement. Also, it shows the figurative symbolism of tiling the ground in your bloom for planting tree today that gives shelter for resting peacefully tomorrow in your old age.

Fortunately, InvestmentOne Pension Managers Limited has got all these answers to your pension and retirement needs with #TimeTo60 retirement plan. A viable pension sscheme that helps you to start preparing from your twenties and retire well at 60 years. #TimeTo60 offers you a sustainable and structural plan to save enough for those golden years ahead where you would be fulfilling your active years’ fantasies of fun, peace, leisure, physical and mental wellbeing; just by starting early right now.

Standing on a structure of strong corporate governance antecedence with a high pedigree in innovative fund and pension management, InvestmentOne Pension Managers Limited is among industry’s top authority in pension fund administration (PFA) in Nigeria in terms of fund size and number of registered savings accounts (RSAs).

It annualised returns in 2015 stood at 6.21 per cent and grew exponentially to 34.36 per cent in 2020 for RSA II. Also, it returns for 2018 stood at 9.37 per cent and surged upwards to 42.95 per cent by 2020 for RSA III; whilst RSA IV returned 13.28 per cent in 2015 with a commendable rise to 44.85 per cent.

In the same vein, it industry average in 2017 for RSA II 16.49 per cent, and RSA IV 16.28 per cent stood at 16.39 per cent. For 2018, RSA II was 8.74 per cent, RSA III was 5.49 per cent and RSA IV 12.50 per cent. In addition, it polled 8.91 per cent total industry average.

For 2019, RSA was 13.03 per cent, RSA III was 13.91 per cent, and RSA IV was 14.54 per cent. It recorded 13.83 per cent industry average.

Incidentally, for 2020 RSA II was 19.03 per cent, RSA III was 18.69 per cent and RSA IV 15.59 per cent; it thrust a staggering 17.77% industry high.

This figures, for all industry watchers and stakeholders, is a Midas touch of leadership, class and sustainability of returns on investment despite the economic uncertainties occasioned by covid-19 pandemic on businesses particularly in 2020.

The data released on employment in Nigeria by the National Bureau of Statistics Q3 2020 indicated that the overall number of persons in labour force was estimated to be 80 million;

whose active working years approximately is between 30 and 40 years depending on age and length of year variables. Hence, InvestmentOne Pension Managers Limited is offering this working segment life time opportunity to enjoy financial freedom and start their retirement long before they stop working with #TimeTo60 pension scheme – That you dare say is an audacious future assured proposition for the yet to be captured into the growing pension retirement net.

The benefits of #TimeTo60 far outweighs market contemporary. From investment in cutting-edge infrastructural development, seamless leveraging of technologically driven process of client service delivery, easy investment options and information, culture of leveraging best value proposition for success, highly skilled relationship managers equipped with emotional intelligence and cultural nuances of the pervading operational location.

To competitive annuity rate returns and timely reporting mechanics; backed by sustainable and profitable financials, much as the integrity of its parent institution InvestmentOne Financial Services Limited and professionalism of the board.

Commenting on the initiative’s impact, Director, Pension Portfolio Management, Tunde Abu Uche, InvestmentOne Pension Managers Limited said this is a feat aimed at revolutionising the quest for not just starting early retirement plan but, to retire peacefully well.

“With our core focus on well-being and peaceful retirement which is fundamental in our pension mandate and driven by #TimeTo60 scheme, we are not taking our foot off the accelerator. We are poised to ensure retirement truly becomes a time for personal growth and path to greater lasting freedom for retirees”. He said.

Also speaking, Group Head, Marketing and Communications, Rachael Olajide-John, said “the gains of our #TimeTo60 pension scheme transcends bounds as it comes with yet unmatched retirement pension propositions for the Nigerian market”.

“At InvestmentOne Pension, we have a team with sincere responsibility to ensure humanity achieves the best at every stage of life. With this, we urge all workforce in corporate, private and public institutions to take full advantage of our pension scheme to secure peace of mind in retirement after the toils of their active and productive years.” She buttressed.

Truly, when Michael Jordan, the greatest basketball player of all times said, “Talent wins games but, teamwork and intelligence win championships”, little did he know that it was metaphorically alluding to the endless benefits #TimeTo60 pension scheme comes with. The time for all workforce not yet captured in the pension retirement net to join InvestmentOne Pension’s team, much as others who are not enjoying real PFA benefits to leverage the insights, make transfer to this winning team to continuously win symbiotically and experience the reality of a truly fun, peaceful and healthy retirement.