Akwa Ibom DPO Alleges Threats to His Life


The Divisional Police Officer (DPO) of Itu Police Station in Akwa Ibom State, CSP Joseph Udourioh, yesterday told the Judicial Panel on police brutality in the state that his life is under threats.

He disclosed that his phone has not rested since he spent over N2.8 million to treat a robbery suspect he maimed.

He told the panel that he maimed one Mr. Victor Otu, a suspected armed robber, when he was a DPO in Okobo Local Government Area with his pistol while the victim was trying to escape from police custody.

The DPO, however insisted that he did not intend to harm the victim.

He explained that Otu, whom he trusted, turned out to be the leader of an armed robbery gang involved in stealing facilities in one of the hospitals in Okobo, and raping nurses there.

“I maimed one Victor Out while he was trying to escape from my custody the day I arrested him, after realising that he was the leader of the armed robbers.

“I maimed him with my pistol; I didn’t plan to do this but I did it basically for the purpose of righting the wrong in our society. After maiming him, I took him to the hospital where I spent about N2.8 million for his treatment

“Since then I have been receiving threats from cultists. My office and many of my property have been burnt. During the cause of these threats, cultists have visited me several times partly at Okobo and partly at Itu,” he stated.

Counsel to the claimant, Clifford Thomas, however, kicked against the injury done to his client, Victor Otu, alleging that the DPO tried to bribe him with N1. 3 million to end the case, but he returned the money to his client.