Olusegun Osoba
Olusegun Osoba

Don’t mind me oh. I just want to yab my brother, Tonye small. But seriously, let me even tell you why I used Tonye Cole in this. All this your talk of zoning and rotation is just so old and archaic. It used to rattle my teeth when I hear people talk about it. Why not just go and rest? I am sorry but the Nigeria of today needs to install and push meritocracy, let the best man rule us and wherever he comes from should not matter.

You guys have been bandying all these old times talk and have led us nowhere. What is zoning? What is federal character that we will now be sacrificing talent and merit on the altar of ethnic convenience? Those policies worked when Nigeria was relying on oil to run the country. So, you take turns to go to the centre to preside over the sharing of the oil.

Now things are different, economic indices have changed. It’s now much more dynamic and it is people who better understand its dynamism that should be allowed to rule such an important economy like our country. I was talking with my brother Tonye Cole the other day and I told him, I was leaning towards PDP because the few policies I have seen were veering towards free market and less government. He said, he wanted to stay in APC but pull out a Tony Blair-type New APC that would push along the lines of free enterprise and merit-based positioning.

Made sense to me and we had a long conversation. Daddy with over 200m people, the largest market in Africa, a non-oil market positioning growing daily, a huge army of youths making money from technology and service, the diminishing importance of oil in the scheme of things, and a large diaspora population returning over $25bn annually into the system, I am sorry it is not zoning or your so-called gentleman’s agreement that would be able to throw up a leader that can pull all these together and build a powerful nation. Please, let’s go and play ayo in Abeokuta or ludo or something to keep us busy. Thank you.