Baba has run to Dubai to go and collect the COVID-19 vaccine. You see life. he no even wait to see if there is a different study to see how effective it will be on a Nigerian body. He has run quickly to go and be the first Nigerian on record to take the vaccine. Tomorrow now if he doesn’t have his usual morning erection, he will start shouting. Don’t mind me sha, this second wave is scary.

The numbers are crossing the 1,000 mark almost on a daily basis and Nigerians are as careless as ever. If you take a drive around Lagos, I kid you not, you will not count up to 10 people out of the 24m of us wearing masks or social distancing. People behave as if the virus has reason.

They will say, I just remove the mask to eat as if the virus will understand and wait for you to finish eating before it tries to enter your system. Daddy while there, please pay for some of those vaccines for some of us na. It will not be too bad o. But let me wait for like six months and see if you do not have any side effects then you bring for us. Thanks for being our very first live guinea pig. Atiku for President. This baba no just dey gree sha.