Femi Gbajabiamila

I have tried to caption this piece with all the power that I can, hoping that the Editor will not change it. Don’t ever try it. Apologies for what? They say your House apologized to the Presidency for inviting the President to come and address it on the ongoing Insecurity in the country. Thankfully, it has been denied and your spokesman has come out to say they did not apologize anything. Apologize for wetin na? In the theory of separation of powers as enshrined in our tenets, you have all the constitutional powers to summon, call, carry on your head or pull by the collar of the president to come and answer questions. So, nothing in that and the President is obliged to answer the call and go and answer question. We are not operating a monarchy and the President is not the clan head of Anyiam Nsit but a democratically elected President who owes the people who put him there some explanations anytime they demand it. This is why some of us are saying we should push for the strengthening of institutions, structures, and processes. We must move away from the cult of personalities and allow for the constructive strengthening of the polity. If you apologize, then you must apologize to the rest of us too. This country no be am.