I Was a Stubborn Child with Lots of Stories


Gbubemi Ejeye

You could imagine Gbubemi Ejeye’s smile flashed against the ebony of her skin. This young and beautiful actress is positive- minded. A peace-loving human, a big dreamer and a hard worker. The fast rising star has just had her big days in recent movies like Quam’s Money and Citation. Gbubemi in this chat with Ferdinand Ekechukwu shares some interesting aspects of her career, life and background

Has the goal always been acting and entertainment? Did your decision to be an actress meet with criticism from friends and family?

I was in Primary school when I joined drama club and I played a mischievous child who was different from my real self. I felt great being someone else and ever since, my goal has always been acting despite the fact I studied law in the university…I did that for my father.

Tell us a about your background and growing up as a child?

I grew up in a lovely family; I’m the second out of four kids. Lived in Lagos for most of my life, my parents were the strict but also loving kind and I was this stubborn child, so lots of stories there. My parents always tried to make sure we get what we want when they can. I’ve always been the social but reserved person. I’m a Law Graduate from Houdegbe North American University, Benin Republic.

How long have you been in the industry, and so far how many films would you say you’ve featured in?

I have been in the industry for about three years now and I would say I’ve done rounds from movies, web series, and short films to stage.

How did your Nollywood journey begin?

From auditions, did a lot of that…well still auditioning but I also did some work behind the scenes which I also very much enjoyed.

What was your challenge coming into the industry…was there any #Metoo experience?

The challenges I had when I started were availability of opportunities… I attended lots of auditions just to get a role. I really wanted opportunities that can show I have something valuable to offer. I’ve never had a #MeToo experience. I don’t know how and why but I’ve never had it.

Which is your biggest movie role and what was the experience like?

The movie hasn’t been released yet…I played a character that had a lot of emotions which was beautiful and somewhat challenging which I love.

Which was your last movie and which set are you on at the moment?

My last released movies are ‘Citation’ and ‘Quam’s Money’. I can’t talk about the set I’m currently on.

How do you feel having, within a short space of time in the industry, shared set with some of the big names in theatre and cinema?

It feels awesome meeting people I’ve respected and loved from a distance and more so working with them. I’m constantly trying to learn something from them.

Aside acting, what else are you into?

I’m also into investments, little bit of fashion and a lot of cooking/baking.

What’s your favorite kind of role? What challenges you as an actor and is there any role you can’t play?

My favourite roles are the ones that are really different from me because it’s a new exciting thing to be. Talking about roles, I can’t play, being an actor for me is to bring live to different characters and be truthful about it…so roles I’m somewhat convinced I might not be able to do right are roles I might not be able to play.

What’s the craziest thing a fan or critic has ever done or say to you?

I wouldn’t say crazy but getting messages about roles I play and how relatable they are to them, their lives.

Social Media is the melting pot for all sorts of issues and discussions these days have you ever gotten embroiled in one of such controversies? How did you handle it?

I have never gotten into that more, so I try my best never to. I’m just a sweet quiet awesome person…

Many believe actors and entertainers court controversies to stay relevant. Do you agree, and is it something you can do?

I think the world now feels controversies are needed to be relevant but I know good works create space for longevity. I’m quite a peace loving person.

What’s the most expensive gift item you have ever received or let’s say most expensive material possession?

Nothing as expensive as the love from my family and friends.

We know you just as an actress. What more do you think we should know about you regarding your likes and dislikes, your turn off and turn on, your hobbies, favourite food, and favourite colours?

First thing other than being an actress that people should know is I’m such a peaceful person. I love good energy so much that once I sense bad energy, I’m out. I love God so much, my family, friends, having a good time, food. I’m not one to pretend or judge anyone. I love meat a lot and my favourite colour is Black. I can be daring sometimes.

I love to try new things well when I’m comfortable to try. I’m all about just not being an ass to anyone but to spread love and peace.

What’s the goal five, ten years from now moving forward as an actor?

The goal is to be that actor that can deliver any role I take and do it well which opens a lot of doors and also be able to make mind-blowing films and also be financially secured. I might start businesses and companies by God’s grace.