‘Day of Destiny’ Berths

Movie buffs are in for a big treat as ‘Day of Destiny’ (DOD) is set to debut in cinemas. This flick, regarded as the biggest family movie of the year, involves three heavy weight production companies – Anthill Studios, Inkblot Productions and Anakle Films. Ferdinand Ekechukwu reports

There’s been an indication of a paradigm shift with Nollywood remakes in the last 18 months, with movies like Rattlesnake, Living in Bondage, and the success of Up North, King of Boys, and most recently, Citation. Upcoming Nollywood thriller ‘Day of Destiny’ (DOD) will sit in the adventure genre and most likely also thick the success box as these other flicks mentioned going by a recent trailer released to announce the cinematic production.

The two minutes twenty seconds trailer opens in a lavish party scene…in what seems like a flashback. One of the characters played by the ever popular Norbert Young then tells his household how he met his wife (played by Ireti Doyle) as they share some memorable moment together. “First time I met your mother it was democracy day 2000. We were destined to be together.” With flashes of comic reliefs comes a further scene which shows the party was upended.

This pissed the celebrant, senator Adediran played by Deyemi Okanlawon. The official trailer comes months after the film’s first teaser debuted ahead of an October release but was later pushed back due to the #EndSARS protests. On the heels of its historic partnership with Netflix, two months ago, Inkblot Productions teamed up with Anthill Studios and Anakle Films for their latest theatrical piece.

Inkblot had partnered Anakle in the past to make Nollywood movies such as The Set-Up and Up North. While on its part, Anthill had taken credit for Elevator Baby, so it’s safe to say that ‘Day Of Destiny’ will also be a hit. Interestingly, the film will show the stark difference between what Nigeria was in 2000 and what it is now, especially in the wake of technological advancements, social media, and mass disillusionment.

Day of Destiny (DOD) follows the thrilling adventures of Chidi (Olumide Oworu) and Rotimi (Denola Grey), a pair of teenage brothers who are unhappy with their family’s fate. The boys in an attempt to change the financial fortune of their family eventually meet with a witch doctor that helps them travel 20 years into the past. Unfortunately for them, time travel is not a joke.

In the turn of events, their actions in the past would have drastic consequences for their future. And as they get a magical chance traveling back in time to change their broke parents’ past they are told by Toyin Abraham’s character that “By the year 2020 Nigeria go be like America” which reeks of hilarious response from Chidi and Rotimi. “But why una dey laugh? Una no believe in vision 2020?”

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