Re: Insecurity: Why the People Must Stand Firm


Dear Editor,

Your lesson to the North and indeed, on all Muslims on the Sunnah on Education is unimpeachable. You rightly exposed Ex-Governors Yerima, Sherrif and all the politically motivated Sharia co-travellers who sowed the seed of what the North is now reaping. It is such an uncanny coincidence that your topic today, is the same with today’s Financial Times of London’s Editorial. Ominous. Government must quickly take charge.


Dear Editor,

I am really impressed with your write up especially those Islamic quotes, and wondered what type of research you would have done. To buttress your points, our Prophet (PBUH) said “we should endeavour it, even if it will take you to trek from Saudi to Sinai to seek knowledge/education”.That shows how important education is. You have highlighted the main causes of these problems in the North, and I personally think it boils down to hypocrisy on the part of the Northern rulers/leaders.