The Inspiring Mileage of AbdulSamad Rabiu

Abdul Samad Rabiu

Abdul Samad Rabiu

With AbdulSamad Rabiu, the theme song is ‘up and up and up!’ Having secured a commanding spot in the cement and construction industries especially, the brilliant businessman has decided to stretch and deepen his corporate feelers in Sokoto, Edo, and Adamawa states.

The latest report from the corridors of BUA is that its boss, AbdulSamad Rabiu, has finalised his rumoured partnership with Beijing construction group, CBMI Construction Co., a leading affiliate of the engineering conglomerate, China Sinoma Group. The result of this partnership is a deal that allows CBMI to construct three new cement production plants in the aforementioned states.

Because Rabiu doesn’t do small things, the cost of this project is reportedly around $1.05 billion (approximately 399 billion), and the minimum expectation for the three plants is about 3 million tonnes per annum. Furthermore, the construction of the plants are expected to be completed by 2022; meaning that afterward, just these three plants in Edo, Sokoto, and Adamawa will yield nine million tonnes to BUA every year.

Those who know Rabiu’s sky-high ambitions know that he intends to use his business reach to draw out the potential of the Nigerian economy via the construction and energy sectors. A company reputed with regional growth everywhere its flag is flying, BUA is gradually taking over areas both urban and rural areas, pooling the expertise of reputed Chinese firms and the labour of the indigenous Nigerian people.

It is very likely that this is not the last of Rabiu’s plans for 2020, regardless of how close 2021 is. In fact, the inauguration of the other cement plants in Edo and Sokoto is expected in the second quarter of the New Year. Adding the predicted outputs of these new plants to those on the ground, BUA’s annual productive capacity, starting in 2023, is expected to come to about 20 million tonnes.
If this is not enough to show the brilliance and business might of AbdulSamad Rabiu, what is?

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