Communities to Benefit from N12.2M Medical Cabins as Obadina Becomes RC Maryland’s President


By Sunday Ehigiator

Living up to one of the key focus of rotary, which is ‘providing affordable and accessible health care to the public’, the Rotary Club (RC) of Maryland has revealed that members of rural communities in Ogun State, are to benefit from two mobile medical cabins, worth N12.2 million, which will be donated to the communities very soon.

This is coming even as Obafemi Obadina, was sworn in as the 19th President of the Rotary Club of Maryland, in Ikeja area of Lagos state, last Saturday.

Speaking to THISDAY on few of the projects the club intends to carryout within the next one year he will serve as president, Obadina said, “We have a lot of plans and activity to serve humanity.

“The star project for this year is the donation of fully equipped Mobile Medical Cabin to rural communities in Ogun State, we will be doing two units of that. We also want to provide clean water and sanitation to rural communities.

“Also, we have supported our adopted schools in the area of basic education and literacy by renovating their water and toilet facility and making donations of PPE’s to their students within the current pandemic period.

“We have also rehabilitated the water and toilet facility at the Onigbongbon market in the rotary year, and we also plan to donate an e-library to Wasinmi Community Senior high school under our basic education and literacy project.”

Obadina added that rotary is “guided by seven areas of focus, hence any project that we are building has to be within environment, basic education and literacy, water sanitation and hygiene, peace and conflict resolution, maternal and child health, and lastly, disease prevention and treatment.

“Under the environment we have planted trees, and right now we are constructing an incinerator at a market in Mende. In rotary we are here to serve humanity. We are going to build a monument at the Maryland roundabout, showing traffic signs and rules, to support the environment,” he said.

Speaking to his keynote address on the theme, ‘Nigeria in Economic Despair at 60’, Prof of Economic, Pan-Atlantic University, Prof. Perekunah Eregha noted that, Nigeria as at today has about 98 million people in poverty. “And we have an inflation that is about 13.7 per cent, and it has been said that in every minute, six Nigerians fall into poverty, and in every five out of dropout children in the world, there is a Nigerian.”

He however recommended that, as a country we need to sit down and see whether the political system we are currently running is working for us.

“We must sit-down to look at our institutions, vis-a-vis the rule of law, transparency and accountability, regulatory quality, it’s effectiveness, and political structures that will move us forward. That is very important,” he said

Speaking to THISDAY on his expectations from his successor, the immediate past President of the club, RTN. Adewale Sanni, said he expects more synergy from between the board members and the executives, so the club can continue from where it stopped.

Shedding more insights to the plan of the club for the year, the District Governor for District 9110 Nigeria, Bola Oyebade, also a member of the club noted that “the mobile medical cabin would cost not less than N12.5 million.