Promoters of the Xiaomi Brand Play up Unique Features in New Offering


Promoters of the Xiaomi brand in Nigeria have stated that the newly launched Mi 10T series was introduced to advance the existing technology drive of the brand. The also disclosed that Mi 10T Pro and Mi 10T flaunt new and dynamic photography software features that make the two ranges unrivaled.

Speaking in Lagos at the unveiling of the dubbed high-performance smartphones, the Mi 10T Series, which the company said would “Power Your Creativity” like never before, Marketing Director, Xiaomi Nigeria, Habeeb Shomoye said the flagship Mi 10T Pro takes creating and exploring to the next level, with unmatched specs in its class.

“Mi 10T continues to push boundaries, delivering top-notch experiences for everyone from working professionals, to streaming enthusiasts and mobile gamers. Mi 10T series brings 5G to everyone and offers unparalleled user experience in Nigeria,” Shomoye submitted.

“There’s no denying Xiaomi’s pivotal role in defining the 108MP camera segment — from debuting the world’s first 108MP smartphone camera to introducing countless photography software innovations in the past year alone. Mi 10T Pro continues the brand’s ultra-high resolution legacy with OIS and 8K video support. Mi 10T offers an impressive 64MP main camera. But it doesn’t stop there – both Mi 10T Pro and Mi 10T offer a triple camera setup with a 13MP ultra wide-angle camera and 5MP macro camera, equipping it to capture moments that matter. And with a 20MP front camera, anyone can look their best whether taking a selfie or video-calling a loved one. ‘’

According to him, “Building on Xiaomi’s existing technology, Mi 10T Pro and Mi 10T flaunt new and dynamic photography software features. Six standalone Long exposure modes let anyone capture artsy shots, from Moving crowd – which focuses on an idle subject while blurring dynamic surroundings – to Star trails – which creates a swirling starry sky effect. Photo Clones captures four of you in a single shot. Plus, Timed burst feature offers endless opportunities for fun, allowing users to set up photos with a time gap that can also be converted into video, while three new photo filters – Cyberpunk, Gold vibes and Black ice – help bring the desired mood to life

He further stated that in pushing the boundaries even further, Mi 10T Pro and Mi 10T also offer compelling new video features. “Video Clones captures “two selves” in one video, while Dual Video can record from the device’s front and back cameras simultaneously, making it ideal for capturing surprise reactions. Finally, Time-lapse selfie video lets users create a fast-forward effect for more engaging vlogs,”

Meanwhile, in an earlier statement prior to the launch, the company had stated that Mi 10T Pro and Mi 10T feature one of the best flat displays available in any smartphone today, with an industry-leading 144Hz refresh rate to boot.

“While high refresh rate displays often fall victim to high power consumption and inconsistent frame rates, Xiaomi’s AdaptiveSync display automatically matches the content’s frame rate, from enjoying your favorite movie at 48Hz to watching TV series at 50Hz, from streaming video at 30Hz or 60Hz to scrolling social media feeds or gaming at up to 144Hz – it guarantees a smooth experience and optimum battery usage. And with Motion Estimation, Motion Compensation (MEMC) technology, the devices insert more frames to make video smoother and better viewing,” the statement stated.