Lamido: Only PDP Can Solve Nigeria’s Problems


By Udora Orizu

Former Governor of Jigawa State, Alhaji Sule Lamido, has declared that only the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) holds the key to solving the country’s myriads of problems and unlocking its potentials for prosperity.

Lamido who spoke in Birnin Kudu, Jigawa State after the conduct of the local government congresses across the 27 local government areas, expressed optimism that Nigerians would vote for the party during the 2023 general election after all the wailings, hunger and poverty they have suffered in the last five years.

Lamido said: “Nigeria is at a crossroad, people are wailing all over the country, the insecurity, the poverty, the culture of hatred, there is lack of love in Nigeria we need a party like PDP which is rooted in people’s heart which is not owned by the people not by any individual, the party understands Nigeria. What you see here shows that PDP is going to win the election it is going solve the problem of Nigeria. So we should look at the deep problem we are in, we must make sure we put in the party that can restore Nigeria and restore our land, our trust, our stability, our economy, restore our safety. There is no way you can run the country, restore human development if there is no peace.

“The present ruling party told lies about security, told lies about corruption and we were flushed our and they are now in charge you can see the difference judge for yourselves. When you talk about a party like PDP which is a heritage and a history it means it is very reasonable and responsible. Any gathering of PDP you find peace, understanding and love among the media members. It is a family thing, there is no acrimony. What you see today shows we are a family and the local government congresses have been well conducted no animosity.”

On the crises that truncated the congress earlier, he said there was no where in the world where there is no crisis.

“Even the government of Buhari which promised comfort, peace and tranquility and heavenly atmosphere are they not in crises? Their government is in crisis and the party is in crisis. So there is no human organisation that has no problem it is only what is being done to overcome it. So we have problem all over Nigeria. Because of our history as a party and our love for Nigeria we also have capacity to overcome.”

The PDP state congress had suffered some setback due to some disagreements which prompted the leadership of PDP to put a caretaker leadership in place in Jigawa but after some due mediations and arriving at a common ground, the party gave the nod for the congress to be held Wednesday.