Olori Hadiza Elegushi Celebrates Birthday with Crown Prince

For Olori Hadiza Elegushi, these are the best of times. Having been delivered of the first male child of the direct lineage of Oba Saheed Ademola Elegushi, Kusenla III, and heir apparent, it is surprising that the Olori did not drive her birthday celebration several octaves higher! Heaven knows any other person would.

On Friday, December 4, 2020, Olori Hadiza Elegushi, second wife of Oba Saheed Ademola Elegushi of Ikate Kingdom, celebrated her Birthday with pomp and piquancy. A Kano-born 30-something, with the innate nobility of Sultanas, Olori Hadiza wore her new age with grace and style, grateful for her biggest plus of the year 2020, her newborn son, Crown Prince of the Elegushi throne.

For many Nigerians, 2020 was not any icing on any cake, especially considering that it was supposed to raise the second decade of the second millennium to new standards. But unless the said cake is poison to hope, there was little celebration. Which makes the fortune and finger of Providence over Olori Hadiza all the more obvious and worthy of praise.

Folks will recall how August of 2020 was a rattling month for the good people of Ikateland. Oba Saheed Elegushi was not the only superlatively excited person on the day Olori Hadiza was delivered of the bundle of joy; every indigene of the Kingdom raised happy cheers to the new birth and heir apparent to the Elegushi seat. This was the first Okunrin and first Aremo, and his mother is Olori Hadiza. The honour is not lost on the Kano-born beauty.

And this is why December the 4th was not only the Birthday of a second wife, second Olori, or apple of the eye of the youngest Nigerian monarch: it is the mother of the Aremo, Crown Prince of the Elegushi. Rainbow times indeed for Oba Saheed Ademola Elegushi, Olori Hadiza Elegushi, and the good people of Ikateland.

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