House Proposes 30-day Cabinet Formation for President, Govs


By Udora Orizu

The House of Representatives is proposing compelling a new president or governor to constitute his cabinet within 30 days after inauguration or risk impeachment by the National Assembly or state House of Assembly.

The Transition and Assumption of Office Bill, 2020, sponsored by Mr Kpam Sokpo, in which the proposal is being made, was introduced at the House yesterday.

The bill also seeks to establish a special fund for the presidential transition committee and to also compel state governors to also name their cabinets within the same time.

It reads in part, “Subject to Sections 147 and 302 of the Constitution, the President shall on assumption of office, appoint ministers within 30 days from the date he took the oath of office.

“The president shall constitute and appoint all boards of government agencies and parastatals that are due for constitution and appointment within two months from the date of his assumption of office.

“Where the president fails to comply with the provisions of this section without any justifiable reason, he shall be guilty of a misconduct as provided under Section 143(2) (b) of the Constitution.”

Section 143(2) of the constitution lists what constitute impeachable offenses for the president.

Section 8(1) of the bill also reads, “There is established the Transition and Assumption of Fund for the administration of the committee into which shall be paid such sums as shall be appropriated by the National Assembly for the purpose of transition and assumption of office in a Presidential election year.

“The president shall apply the funds appropriated by the National Assembly to the cost of establishing and maintaining the office of the coordinator appointed under this bill. Payment of allowances and other benefits of the members of the committee.”

It also proposes that the office should “pay allowances and other benefits of the members of the committee, pay the emolument and entitlement of the coordinator and other members of staff of the Presidential Estates Unit established in this bill, publicise the activities of the committee and undertake any other activity in connection with all or any of the functions of the committee.”