The Folly of Trump’s Trumpeters


By Eddy Odivwri

So, what is the update on the American election? Has Donald Trump finally conceded?

Concede? You don’t know that man. He never will. He attempted conceding last Sunday, but he soon reversed himself and insisted he is the winner. He’s tidying up his papers and evidences for a prolonged litigation . He has vowed to prove that there was massive fraud in the polls.

He has breached all known ethos and culture of American politics and elections. He is already causing street clashes between his supporters and that of Joe Biden, the presumed winner of the poll. By last Sunday, both sides were already scuffling and throwing punches on the streets of Washington, so much that as many as 20 persons were arrested. These are strange political aftermaths in America. I think Mr Trump is an embarrassment to the American democratic history.

But he has not breached any American law. It is within his right to contest the outcome of the election. That nobody had done so in the past does not mean that it is an aberration if he chooses to do so.

If he is not a common and cheap spoiler, the results are so clear that he didn’t need to throw any spanner on the wheels of the process. With Biden’s 306 Electoral College vote points as against Trump’s 232, the affirmation of the choice of Biden by the American electorate is beyond question and debate.

But that is exactly what Trump is challenging. He believes there was massive fraud. That is why the state of Georgia is recounting its votes. Have you not noticed that notable republicans have backed Trump’s claim that the votes were rigged in Biden’s favour?.

Let me assure you that both the so-called notable Republicans and their Nigerian counterparts, who had canvassed votes and support for Trump will not only be disgraced, their public images will be tarred.

Even with the recount, Trump is yet losing! He shows he is such an awkward and gawky politician by saying there should be recount only in states where he lost and that there should be no recount in states where he won. Is that a respectable and noble sportsman?

Whether Nigerians or Americans, they have the right to support whoever they want, be it Trump or Biden.

Yes, but it must be reasonable. Is it that right that will make a former loquacious Nigerian minister to describe Biden as a satanic agent? He claimed that Biden did not win and that Trump will eventually be declared as the winner. That he is against Biden because the latter is a satanic agent for supporting abortion, planning to fight Israel and supporting LGBT…

These are local Pharisees who want to be more Catholic than the Pope! What is their business with LGBT and all such occidental warts? Hypocrites of the highest order! I heard also of the church groups that were marching in support of Trump in Owerri and Onitsha before the election. They must be consumately ashamed by the outcome of the election. I wonder why the church, if so properly called, will dabble into the mileu of international politics which they barely understand. Does the mere mention of the name of Jesus truly mean that Trump is more Christianly than Biden? What folly! Here was a man (Trump) who described your country as “shit hole” , said many despicable things about your country and your people, developed several anti-African, anti-Nigerian policies, the only obstacle to the election of our sister, Dr Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, as the DG of the World Trade Organisation… and you turn around to be his chief supporter because you think he is a Christian? There is no greater example of being unpatriotic. In fact, such supporters are slaves to the banal factors of religion and mundane concerns.

God Himself disappointed their crafty enterprise by disgracing Trump at the polls.

Don’t be hasty in your judgement. It is not over until it is over. Trump is exploring legal means to reclaim his victory. He believes he will get his second term.

He is fooling himself with legal inanity. Haven’t you seen how his suits are being thrown out? By providing no valid proof of electoral fraud, Trump is engaging in complete futility. Whether he likes it or not, he would vacate the office next January with ignominy. He can’t and won’t stay a day longer. If he likes, let him sack everybody sackable. He will finally sack himself. Nonsense politician that he is!

I shall contact Trump’s trumpeters, the Nigerian fan base to see what they will do hereafter, especially that former minister who claimed that Trump will yet regain his seat at the White House. We shall find out who is sponsoring that false hope; and those religious fanatics who organized weeks of fasting and prayer plus street parade so Trump can win.

Never mind, they will combine to form a club of delusionists who will be rewarded by Mr Trump from his Trump Towers, not White House.