Strategic Leadership for Success in Age of Disruption


The TEXEM is inviting chief executives, directors and senior managers to an impactful, relevant and insightful upcoming virtual executive development programme dubbed “Strategic Leadership for Success in an Age of Disruption,” scheduled for 2nd to 3rd December 2020.

A statement from the company explained that the programme is for business leaders and senior level managers who are having a lot of anguish and anxiety on how to lead their organisations successfully through the current health, social and economic crisis that’s ravaging organisations.

“Without a doubt, many organisations, including yours, have spent many months this year managing the impact of COVID 19. Indeed, it’s a dynamic, turbulent and unprecedented period with mind-blowing challenges. At the very least, the pandemic and the recent social anarchy has crippled many organisations, and sadly, others have had to shut down their operations entirely.

“Most executives know that leading through a disastrous pandemic and disruptive social unrest requires Strategic Leadership to succeed in these increasingly disruptive times. However, the trillion-dollar question on their minds in the night and day is which strategy should they adopt? Why?

“The simple answer is that the winning strategies that have worked in the past will not work now. But that’s not all. The fast-paced digital realities of this era are compounded by the challenge that there is no known effective antidote for COVID 19 yet, and the social tensions in the nation is still palpable,” the company explained in a statement.

It further added: “We are, therefore, justified to say the health, social and economic pandemic is here to stay for now! What does this mean for organisations?

“The answer is simple yet complex at the same time! As a leader, you must refocus your map and develop new strategies to thrive during these turbulent times. It is not sufficient to act as usual when surviving during the pandemic requires unusual strategic leadership quotient.

“To help you get the requisite insights required to navigate through the pandemic safely, TEXEM, UK has lined up excellent world-renowned Professors and an inspiring practitioner to equip you with the very vital skillsets you need to excel during this time.

“You will get an opportunity to hear about practical methodologies that will enable you to build your leadership skills on how to achieve success even during these turbulent times.”

Confirmed world leading faculties for the programme include: General Nick Parker Rtd.(UK’s former Commander in Chief of Land Forces); Prof. Michael Mol, Professor at Copenhagen Business School and formerly at London Business School and Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania; and Prof. Roger Delves (Professor of Leadership Practice & Associate Dean of Faculty, Ashridge Executive Education, at Hult International Business School).

It described the programme facilitators as, “great minds who have helped hundreds of organisations to win during crises, and you do not want to miss the opportunity to engage with them to glean valuable insights on how to inspire success during a pandemic.”

“So, save the date, register and get a chance to acquire critical skills that will help you and your team innovate and even thrive amidst these increasingly competitive and complex operating landscape.

“This programme on Strategic Leadership for Success in an age of disruption will be of great benefit to you and most importantly, to your organisation. You will learn the art of turning challenges into opportunities, get tips from insightful case studies and strengthen your strategic leadership quotient.

By participating in this programme, you will glean practical insights on how you can lead your organisation strategically for success in the current disruptive and highly competitive environment.

“You will also learn how you can enhance performance and achieve profitable growth. Remember that at this time, you not only need to survive, but you should also find ways of gaining competitive advantage, growing and creating value. That’s what TEXEM UK’s forthcoming programme aims to help you realise as you lead your organisation.”

It urged interested persons to visit the organisation’s website, adding that only few slots are remaining presently.

“Take a life-changing step now and book a space for yourself and other executives. Do not allow your organisation to become a case study of those that “Failed during the pandemic”. Yes, it’s affecting all businesses worldwide, but you can succeed. Strategic leadership is the secret! So, get the requisite skills now!”