Obaseki Proposes ‘Unity Template’ as Key to Tackling Rising Tension, COVID-19

The Edo State Governor, Mr. Godwin Obaseki, has reassured residents that his administration will continue to pursue policies and projects that will place the state on a sustainable path of economic prosperity and guarantee better livelihood, through a ‘unity template.’

The governor, in a statement, called for the support and collaboration of all Edo people, irrespective of religion or political affiliation, to actualize his government’s vision of Making Edo Great Again (MEGA).

According to the governor, “Together, as a people propelled by a common zeal in pursuit of progress and advancement, there is nothing that we cannot overcome if we have a consensus on how to move our state forward. What we need is what I call a ‘unity template,’ with which to overcome our challenges.

“The unity template has the ability to help us respond to the economic consequences of the pandemic, to deal with our challenges of insecurity and underdevelopment and to put us on a path to Making Edo Great Again (MEGA).”

“Because of our antecedents in managing resources and redefining and deepening the social contract between government and Edo people, we believe that despite the problems and challenges we currently face, we shall overcome,” he added.

The governor noted: “In the next four years, we will grow our Social Sector by constantly improving our Education, Healthcare System, provision of social security and safety nets, caring for the vulnerable and the disadvantaged in our state and rapidly develop our critical energy, housing, digital and road Infrastructure, which provides a framework to drive inclusive growth.

“We will build the Economy and drive Industrialization, Trade and Investment, to solidify our state’s status as the choice investment destination in the country and exploit Agriculture and Natural Resources, by tapping our God-given resources to provide food security, create wealth and improve the livelihoods of our people”

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